Shamkir Chess

Peachline held another major event. We organized the first 22nd category chess tournament in Azerbaijan in the memory of grandmaster Vugar Gashimov. 16th world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and strongest chess players of the world and Azerbaijan have attended the tournament. 

Tournaments name - Shamkir Chess, by analogy with Norway Chess and other major events - emphasizes its international status.Logo contains a figure of a chess knight, hidden in the negative space of the logo, which is a reference to the logo of FIDE, which supported the tournament, thereby adding status to it. 

We have developed an original pattern, which is the visual association to the sponsor of the tournament Synergy Group’s logo. Pattern consists of Synergy Group emblem elements, chess pieces and national patterns. 

We have made all the necessary attributes of the international chess tournament, from refills to bus branding. 

In addition, Peachline was responsible for the opening ceremony of the tournament. We have developed a special program for it, in which viewers were shown modern balletunder specially arranged music, accompanying fine works of the great artist Sattar Bahlulzadeh demonstrated on the screen and the participant of the "Eurovision" competition Farid Mammadov’s performance. Introduction to formal part of the event was with the touching film about Vugar Gashimov, directed by Ulviyya Konul.

We are also responsible for entertaining part for players, journalists and guests during the whole tournament.

The closing ceremony and awarding of winners will take place 30th of April.