During the summer of 2009, Peachline did what the advertising agencies are meant to do.  Having the local knowledge, and to be precise the habit of our nation to consume white cheese and watermelon and other fruit, we proposed to our client Arla Foods,  that their white cheese brand, The Three Cows should appear as a face of all white cheeses. This is how «Love story on your table» campaign was born.  This is the story of love between The Three Cows cheese and the watermelon, and the way they can not live without each other.  

The result of this simple idea, was the increase of sales by 75%, which was outlined in Dutch press.  The campaign is so successful that Arla Foods – one of the  biggest dairy producer in the world – continues implementing it fifth year in the row. As a result, this summer, The Three Cows and the watermelon stood in one line with the classical traditional pairs. We created appropriate illustrations and the copywriting was done in a classical style of the poems of William Shakespear and translations of Nizami.  

Creative Director: Roman Orkodashvili

Illustrator: Lisa Hasanova

Copywriter: Ayten Ismikhanova

Account Manager: Nelli Imanova