• Magazine Ad

    Magazine Ad

    Copywriting for advertising in magazine.

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  • Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony
    Cirque du Soleil

    September 22nd, 2012 will be remembered as a date when Cirque du Soleil and Jennifer Lopez performed for the first time in South Caucasus on the first ever FIFA Cup held in the region.

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  • Logo and Corporate Style

    Logo and Corporate Style
    Azerbaijan Swimming Federation

    Logo and corporate style developed for Azerbaijan Swimming Federation.

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  • PayKart

    Bank Respublika

    Naming and style for Bank Respublika's bonus program.

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  • "Be on the Right Track!" Campaign
    Bank Respublika

    In case you can't better your conditions, you should either get on with what you have and aspire for something better or take credit in Bank Respublika.

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  • Business Credit Commercial

    Business Credit Commercial
    Bank Respublika

    TV commercial shot in Turkey in collaboration with Turkish crew.

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  • SuperSun Butter

    SuperSun Butter

    TV commercial starring famous Azerbaijani chef and the winner of the International Cooking Contest - Tahir Amiraslanov.

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  • Two Summer Campaigns

    Two Summer Campaigns

    Image and discount campaigns made for Sazz.

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  • New Style for e-Banking

    New Style for e-Banking
    International Bank of Azerbaijan

    Logotypes and brochure designs developed for numerous e-services of International Bank of Azerbaijan.

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