We've carried out rebranding of Texnika Bank


The name consists of two parts:

First part “Bank”, simple and understandable for everyone, reveals the essence of the company’s activity. Second part “Technique”, euphonic and complicated, reflects the commitment to the European values of the conducting of banking business. The name meets the values of Bank Technique: the commitment to innovations and at the same time, the maximum simplicity, clarity and transparency for the customer. The connection with the old name of the Bank “Texnika Bank” tells about the respect for traditions, which are followed by the updated bank.

Logo and emblem:

The emblem of Bank Technique consist of two simple figures – a square and a circle enclosed in it. The square, as the most stable planimetric figure, symbolizes the reliability and transparency, and the circle asymmetrically disposed therein – the desire for development. The whole composition represents a stylized image of a bank vault. The logo of the Bank consisting of the emblem and the writing of the name of the bank meets the following values: innovativeness, reliability, transparency in work and closeness to the customer.


The slogan of the Bank “Gələcəyə toxun” (Touch the Future) reflects the innovation policy of the Bank and, at the same time, the proximity to the customer, being at arm's length.