Peachline held FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup closing

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Closing Ceremony was held on Saturday, October 13. It was evident that once again Peachline Advertising will get involved in the ceremony, as earlier the opening ceremony was also successfully held by the company.

Guided by the experience with Cirque du Soleil, we developed scenario according which, the fire once again would be the heart of the show. Fire dancers symbolizing Azerbaijan as the Land of Flames, were placed around the fire.

Traditional dancers symbolizing national customs and culture were also placed around them.

Jumpers were carrying out the flags of competing countries and by doing so, symbolizing the spirit of sport as well as a modern spirit of the country. The performance was concluded with the World Cup logo being placed in the middle of the ground.

Despite having a little time, once again we decided to get foreign specialists involved in the ceremony. Thereby, Fire role was played by an artist from Ringling Brothers American circus, while jumpers were brought from St. Petersburg.

Local troupe from Choreography school and lead by choreographer Naila Mamedzade was also involved in the ceremony. Special costumes, easy and portable decorations were also made for the show.

Music for the Closing Ceremony was written by composer and SEO copywriter in Peachline Advertising – Aytan Ismikhanova.

The night culminated with Shakira’s performance. In addition to the Closing Ceremony show that was highly appreciated by FIFA, we were also in charge for the award ceremony, so that the event came to be a precious (and unique for Azerbaijan) experience for our crew. We believe that more is yet to happen in a sport life of Azerbaijan and that once again our company will get involved in these events.