The overall visual and conceptual linear uniting all 6 types of bank cards Azer-Turk-Bank and MasterCard - Maestro, Standard, Business, Gold, Platinum, Elite - will be capital letters for each type and associative elements connected with each of the names.




For cards like "Maestro" primary graphic element will be stave, which will link the name of the type of sustainable well-deserved designation musician, a virtuoso who owns a musical instrument. For the client, Azer-Turk-Bank, bank card Maestro  will be just such a tool.




Graphic elements such as Standard type cards reflect the unshakable firmness and reliability of this type of bank cards.




Elements for Business Card reflect the stereotypical images associated with business: a tie, which is a business dress code, foreign exchange quotations, chess pieces, indicating the need to calculate their actions on several moves ahead, as well as a map which indicates  that card holders travel a lot.




Visual elements such as Gold Card emphasize all that is connected with this word: gold nuggets, gold jewelry, metal texture, reminiscent of the  surface of the gold bars.




For the Platinum card, the following elements are used: trail simulating leaf, gold leaf metal, as well as the letter P itself as a form,cast in platinum.




Elite card is made in the usual black style for this type of cards. Precision-cut diamonds emphasize  high status of the holders.The card itself is aesthetically and conceptually reflects the uniqueness of services available to its owners.