“Shamkir Chess 2014” International Tournament in the memory of Vugar Gashimov

Peachline team worked on conducting of Azerbaijan's first level 22 chess tournament in the memory of Vugar Gashimov.

Creative director Roman Orkodashvili shared his impressions of the work done:


"Unfortunately, I did not know Vugar Gashimov as good as I would like. He did not just come to cheer for us in Baku’s elite club of "What? Where? When", moreover, a couple of times he asked questions to experts, as a guest star. We have seen each other at a few official events. That's it. Top-level GM’s do not have much time for a life outside of chess.

I remember him, as a friendly and open-minded person whose interests ranged far beyond the chessboard.

Now, when he is not with us, the least I could do to honour his memory - is to use the opportunity provided by fate. Peachline Advertising team took part in organizing Vugar Gashimov’s memorial, the country's first level 22 chess tournament.

For me, and my colleagues, it was not just an ordinary event. Our task was to organize everything so that even super-grandmasters, who are accustomed to the highest level of the organization, were amazed.All of members of the tournament should have only the fondest memories from the tournament in the memory of Vugar.

I'm not going to thank all our team, which did everything to make the event come true. We had over 50 people, and each mini-team completed its task perfectly, starting with branding, featuring production and organization of the opening, ending with the care of tournament participants and of the closing ceremony, which will take place on 30th of April. We are very proud of this experience. Thank you all. 

P.S: I have a lot of medals received for all kinds of mind games. But this one, granted to us by the tournament organizer Synergy Group OJSC, perhaps, is the most valuable for me now. 

Rest in Peace, Vugar. And strength to your family."