Peachline flag on the southern pole

2013 has been a year of achievements of new creative height for Peachline.

Peachline now stands along with the most interesting and impactful projects that have made its invaluable contribution to the development of advertising industry as well as the cultural history of Azerbaijan. But we are not stopping here, we are continuing achieving new heights including geographical ones. 

With this in mind, Peachline has also reached the Southern pole of our planet. Our good old friend Gafar Demirchi, having reached Antarctica in November had risen Peachline flag on the southern pole. By doing this, he once again showed his loyalty to our friendship and demostrated his respect and high value to our company.

We are expressing our gratitude to Gafar and assuring all that we, Peachline, have proved and will continue proving that all of this is for a good reason!