Image Commercial

The plot of the image video meets the philosophy of the Bank – to be always nearby and instill the confidence, even when a customer does not muse upon the presence of Bank Technique in his/her life. The first part of the clip tells about the invisible participation in the customer’s life, which starts changing, as soon as the customer pays attention on that his/her life becomes much more easier with the Bank he/she confidently look forward.


Customer: Bank Technique

Agency: Peachline Advertising

Producer: Samira Jafarova

On-stage Producer: Liga Bikovska

Director: Dmitry Venikov

Operator: Gints Berzins

Creative Director: Roman Orkodashvili

Art Director: Zaur Dadashev

Senior Copywriter: Aytan Ismikhanova

Copywriter: Erkin Osmanly

Composer: Rustam Rzayev

Account Director: Konul Seyidova

Production Company: Production Riga Studio